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Make it Last


Caring for Discarded Things




Make it Last ― CIRCULOSE®

This launch started with deadstock fabric from a previous production made with CIRCULOSE®, so the material was set, and the availability was limited.

In today’s fashion world, we are used to viewing our resources as unlimited. We develop clothes like there are inexhaustible options for material, quality, and color. However, if there is one thing we know for sure, the planet’s resources are limited. For this reason, we must learn to work with what we already have. We should not expect to choose freely but to be creative with what’s already there. A circular approach, if you will.

In collaboration with Make it Last, we created the Jacket of our Dreams by working with a local production facility in Laxå, Sweden, and using handmade buttons from Gotland, Sweden.

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Make it Last

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