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CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network

The CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network (CSN) is a group of yarn and textile producers helping to drive the circular economy forward by enabling a steady supply of CIRCULOSE® to the market. These early adopters are revolutionizing the marketplace by becoming the first to access volumes of CIRCULOSE® and streamlining its production across the supply chain. By joining the CSN, members are committing to the continuous development of circular solutions and play a vital role in bringing more sustainable textiles and end-products under the CIRCULOSE® brand name to life. 

CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network members are sourcing viscose staple and filament fibers from producers, globally. If you are interested in purchasing fibers made with CIRCULOSE® please get in touch via the contact form below.   



Dongfang Weaver
Dongheng Weaver
HuaYuan Spinner
Jiayi Garments
Pointer Spinner
Polyace Dyeing/Finishing
S&Y / Zhenlun Spinner
Unitedtex Weaver
Advance Denim Denim, Weaver
Binkang Printing Dyeing/Finishing
Black Peony Weaver, Denim
Blue Diamond Weaver
Deyao Knitter, Weaver
Free Silk Garments
Freedom Denim Denim
Gaosheng Wool Spinner
GKL Denim Denim
Grace Textile Spinner
Great United Spinner
High Fashion Knitter, Weaver
Jimay Printing & Dyeing Dyeing/Finishing
Jin Xiang Hui/Jinghui Textile /JXH Tex Knitter
Long Run Eco Melange Yarn Spinner
Long Run Textiles Spinner
Mizuda Dyeing/Finishing
Nansin  Bleaching & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Spinner
New Dynasty
Ou Shang Textile Co. Weaver
Rawtex Spinner
Shilead Knitter
Stella Blu Denim
Tian Ying Weaver
TITAN Spinner
Xufeng Spinner



Arvind Spinner, Weaver, Denim
Pallavaa Spinner
Trident Spinner
Sharadha Terry Products/MicroCotton


Bossa Spinner, Denim
Calik Spinner, Denim
Gulle Spinner/Knitter
Karacasu Spinner
Kipas Spinner, Denim
ORTA Spinner, Denim
ARTESA Knitter
ASTER Garment
Barutçu Tekstil Knitter, Weaver, Dyeing
DNM Spinner, Denim
Ekoten Knitter/Dyeing
Elyaf Tekstil Weaver/Dyeing
Kara Fibers Spinner, Knitter
PAMEKS Garment, Circular Knitting


Linz Spinner


Acatel Knitter
Brito Knitting Knitter
Impetus Knitter
Inovafil Spinner
Matias & Araujo, SA Knitter
RDD Weaver
Riopele Weaver
Tearfil Spinner
Tintex Knitter
TMG Knitter


Hallotex Knitter
Santaderina Spinner, Weaver


Albini Weaver
Beste Weaver
Ghezzi Twister
ICA Yarns Spinner


Cone Spinner, Denim


AGI Spinner, Denim
Artistic Milliners Spinner, Denim
Sapphire Spinner
Soorty Spinner, Denim
Artistic Denim Mills Spinner
Artmill Spinner
Azgard Spinner, Weaver
Diamond Denim
Indigo Textile Spinner, Denim
Kassim Denim Spinner, Denim
Alkaram Textile Mills
US Denim Denim


MAS Garments
Hela Apparel Holdings Garments


Beximco Spinner, Weaver, Denim
CYCLO Spinner
Shasha Spinner, Weaver, Denim


Sritex Spinner, Weaver

Czech Rep

NIL Textile Knitter, Garments

Hong Kong

COLOURIzd Spinner, Weaver
Crystal Group Garments
Prosperity Textile Denim
Tat Fung /Panther Denim Spinner, Denim
Texhong Spinner


A&A Textile Vertical, Denim
Ecoinn Spinner, Weaver
Far Eastern Spinner, Knitter
Kingwhale Spinner, Garments
Laka Enterprise
New Wide Knitter
Paradise/Alpine Creations Vertical
Tung Ho Textile Garments
Yang Tsu


Bros Spinner
DanX Spinner

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Austria: Linz Textiles
Bangladesh: Beximco Textiles, CYCLO ® Recycled Fibers, Shasha Denims
China: Advance Denim, AIT Apparel, Binkang Printing, Black Peony, Blue Diamond, ColouriZD/Taylor Home & Fashions Ltd., Deyao, Dongfang Group, Dongheng Textile Co., Ltd, Free Silk, Freedom Denim, Gangjia, Gaosheng Wool, GKL Denim, Grace Textile, Great United, High Fashion, Honor, Houzheng, Huayuan Eco-Technology Co.,Ltd., Jiayi Garment Co.,Ltd, Jimay Printing & Dyeing, Jin Xiang Hui, Long Run Eco Melange Yarn, Long Run Textiles, Mizuda, Nansin Bleaching & Dyeing, New Dynasty, Oushang Textile Co., Pointer Textile Co.,Ltd., Polyace Textile and Yarn Co., Ltd., Prosperity Textile (H.K.)Ltd., Rawtex, Shilead, Shiyuan Textile Co., Ltd., (also S&Y), Stella Blu, Tat Fung Textile Co., Ltd. /Panther Denim, Texhong Textile Group, Tian Ying, Titan, Unitedtex Enterprise Ltd, Xufeng,
Czech Republic: NIL Textile
India: Arvind Ltd., Kadri Mills, Pallavaa Group, Shahi Exports, Sharadha Terry Products, Trident Group
Indonesia: Sritex
Italy: Albini Group, Beste SpA, Ghezzi , ICA Yarns
Mexico: Cone Denim
Pakistan: AGI Denim, Alkaram Textile Mills, Artistic Denim Mills, Artistic Milliners, Artmill, Azgard 9, Crescent, Diamond Denim, Indigo Textile, Kassim Denim, Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd., Siddiqsons, Soorty, US Denim
Portugal: ACATEL, Impetus Group, Inovafil, Matias & Araujo, RDD Textiles, Riopele, Tearfil Textile Yarns, Tintex Textiles, TMG Textiles
Spain: Hallotex, Textil Santanderina
Sri Lanka: Hela Apparel Holdings, MAS Holdings
Taiwan: A&A Textile, DJIC, Ecoinn, Far Eastern, Formosa Taffeta, Goang Li, Kingwhale, Laka Enterprise, Paradise/Alpine Creations, New Wide, Tung Ho Textile, Yang Tsu
Turkey: Artesa, Aster, Barutcu Tekstil, Bossa Denim , Calik Denim, DNM, Ekoten, Elyaf Tekstil, Gulle Tekstil, Kara Fiber, Karacasu Tekstil, Kipas Holding, Orta Anadolu, Pameks
Vietnam: Bros, DanX