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Circulose® makes fashion circular.

It’s a ‘dissolving pulp’ made from 100% textile waste, like worn-out jeans and production scraps. It’s used to make staple fiber or filament viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate or other types of man-made cellulosic fibres.

With Circulose® inside their products, brands and designers are pushing fashion forward towards a less wasteful, more resilient future with no need to compromise on quality or design. People that choose Circulose® garments can cut their fashion raw material and waste impact dramatically.

Using a breakthrough process powered by 100% renewable energy at our recycling plants in Sweden, we transform old clothes into a pristine natural material that needs no cotton fields, no oil, and no trees.


This is how it works:

1. We take in discarded textiles like worn-out clothes that can no longer be resold or used. We prefer cotton clothes because they contain a lot of cellulose.

2. The clothes are shredded, de-buttoned, de-zipped, de-colored and turned into a slurry. Impurities like plastic polyester are taken out. What remains is cellulose – the biodegradable organic polymer that cotton, trees and all green plants on earth are made out of.

3. The slurry is dried to produce sheets of pure Circulose®. We package the sheets into bales and ship them off to be made back into textile fibers.

4. Designers create new clothes using Circulose® recycled from 100% clothing waste.

5. Loop closed.