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Filippa Fuxe


Endless Cycle of Reimagination




Filippa Fuxe ― CIRCULOSE® Project

The award-winning designer Filippa Fuxe never creates finished garments. Her works offer a starting point (or perhaps continuation of) an endless cycle of reimagination, reconstitution and creativity. Inspired by the aesthetics of her print designer grandmother, her latest collection bring focus to the materials that sustainable purpose. By using raw material provided by Renewcell in the form of cotton, Circulose® pulp, and viscose fibers, her latest collection offers an insightful realisation of material usage.

The collection consists of three pieces, representing the different steps in Renewcell’s recycling process. The first piece, a blue knitted top is made of pure cotton which is what the textile waste being recycled by Renewcell consists of. The second piece shapes a Circulose® pulp sheet to a black printed top and the final blue dress is made using the viscose fibers.


“My approach to design has previously been to find ways to renew and innovate it without having to buy something new, in essence – a more sustainable way of experiencing fashion, but without consumption. In this new collection I’ve chosen to focus on the material and collaborated with Renewcell.”

― Filippa Fuxe