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Alexander Wessely | Jacob Mühlrad | Mia Hjelte | PINE


Cyclical Movements




Cyclical Movements

We partnered with Jacob Mühlrad and Alexander Wessely to put the recycling process of Circulose® in focus. Motion pictures from production in Renewcell’s Kristinehamn factory, where Circulose® is produced, is projected on the fabric surrounding ballerina Mia Hjelte as she moves around on the stage.

Making society circular goes beyond physical engineering — we have to shift minds, shift culture. Everyone knows the rational intellectual argument for reducing fashion’s impact, but we have to create a feeling on the emotional and aesthetic level too. We’re able to create this vision with artists like Jacob, Alexander and Mia.

Experiencing this work, what comes to mind is the persistence of our colleagues in Kristinehamn in taking Circulose® from a lab sketch to industrial production over the last couple of years. They kept moving and kept pushing. Through shredders, pressers and screeners they’ve moved fibers along, creating a carefully managed choreography. A sequence of precise movements where every step matters for the final impression. They’ve created a dance worthy any stage.

Jacob Mühlrad has previously performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, The Royal Swedish Opera and Berwarldhallen. Wessley has a multidisciplinary approach working with sculpture, film and photography for over 20 countries. The duo has previously worked with Swedish House Mafia and Dramaten, but are now moving into fashion for the first time with Circulose®.